We are a resourceful and skillful team of expert professionals. We’ll prove it from the start!


With a history of only a few years, the Company already has an amazing track record. Our happy customers are a proof of this.


We commit to quality, communication and complete customer satisfaction. Integrity is essential!


We are a young tech-and-client devoted team, fun and rewarding to work with!

A brand marketing company
dedicated to the clients

We are a brand marketing company offering an approach typical of a fully-integrated in-house company unit. As such, we not only create, develop and market messages, but ensure the promises they make will be fulfilled.

To achieve this, throughout the creative process, we collaborate with clients’ management and staff on tailoring the desired customer experience.  

Thus we act as part of the companies’ processes, both successful and not so, supporting them in building and developing brands that are meant to withstand economic challenges or business hurdles.

In this sense, our approach is more like that of a business consultant with an expert brand marketing focus. 

We make use of all major online marketing channels /Facebook, Google, etc./, contributing to high customer satisfaction and outstanding results.

Software development and
Cloud Managed Services

Global Merchant Solutions Limited offers a complete range of IT services – consultancy, architecture analysis & design, development, implementation, deployment, support and maintenance. We also offer cross-platform mobile apps.

We are a Cloud AWS Managed Services provider, supporting our clients integrate cloud computing in their operations and strategic activities. Global Merchant Solutions Cloud AWS Managed Services allows them to retain a major focus on their applications, while we make sure AWS infrastructure management is taken care of.

Service quality is the essence of a Cloud Managed Services Provider such as Global Merchant Solutions. The effortless operation of clients’ AWS infrastructure is our business. We also keep them covered with an effective Disaster Recovery strategy to ensure Business Continuity for clients’ critical services.

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